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Trees & Flowers

Trees & Flowers

For close to 50 years the house was ‘under construction’, while the doctor, his wife and family lived in just a tiny section of it. Outside, the founders created beautiful English gardens and landscaping including a large number of maple trees and many flowering trees and shrubs that Newfoundland had never seen before. Today, those same trees and flowers blossom every year to create a natural tapestry unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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The owners added several barns and outbuildings during their ownership of the property, and had Newfoundland ponies, cows, sheep, hens, and several different kinds of birds roaming the 100-acre property. Today, the property is still home to all of these animals and more. During your stay with us, you’re always welcome to visit the animals, grab a cute photo, and help with feeding time.

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Imagine a romantic stay next to a spectacular ocean view, in a garden overlooking acres of blossoming trees and flowers.


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